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Where in the World is Joyce Valenza?

Brian Kenney weighs in on the recent bloggers article in the March issue of American Libraries: http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6430153.htmlM I don’t envy Leonard Kniffel’s job at all. AL has a huge array of issues to cover and serves many different constituencies, all of whom, I bet, are screaming for more ink. And I cringe at the idea of someone performing a similar analysis of SLJ’s content (yes, we are way overdue on a feature about middle schools). But the truth is, in AL, libraries mean public libraries, youth is code for children’s and young adult services, and students refer to college students. […]

Teen Web at LAPL

One of my students shared this URL with our class: http://www.lapl.org/ya/. Take a look. It’s engaging and entertaining. I like the iPod earbuds and cell phone with images graphics. Dig a little deeper for discussion, book reviews and links out to some refreshingly frank and useful sites. A few more clicks led me too http://games.lapl.org/ — maybe I’ve missed coverage of this but it was new to me. In the tradition of The DaVinci Code, it’s a library adventure game! Here’s a shot: Well done LAPL!