The Pragmatic Biblioblogger

This post at ALA techSource a few weeks ago illustrates what will probably become the model for my dissertation. I was trying it out there and since then it’s been cooking in my brain.

Try this on for size, as will I, by putting it out here:

The Pragmatic Biblioblogger Model describes multiple types of librarians who share similar desires: to comment, to connect, to create community. The pragmatic biblioblogger model describes a librarian who authors a professionally-focused blog beyond the scope of their job to constantly find, share and offer advice to others in the LIS profession. Constantly scanning via the tools of continuous computing, the pragmatic biblioblogger seeks to redesign library services in an era of enhanced technology. The pragmatic biblioblogger opens comments and engages with other bloggers to discuss and examine events, new technologies and the LIS profession with a common goal: improving libraries.