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Berry on Local democracy and libraries

http://blatant.libraryjournal.com/blog/?p=22 John Berry reports on budget cuts for his home library: Our library is probably the most used public service in Stamford, except perhaps for garbage collection and streets. It is “touched” as one Board member put it, by more citizens than nearly any other city service. The Advocate, local daily paper didn’t even mention the library in its online report of the meeting. One of the two Republicans on the Board of Finance wanted to double the library budget cut, suggesting that the library make it up with private fund raising, and citing a nearby very affluent community as […]

I Was Assaulted By This Man Who Identified Himself as a Police Officer and Refused to Provide Me Identification, Photography is Not a Crime

I Was Assaulted By This Man Who Identified Himself as a Police Officer and Refused to Provide Me Identification, Photography is Not a Crime Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk. No, I wasn’t assaulted, but the photographer was. This image and long thread of comments at Flickr fascinates me. Privacy..First Ammendment rights… photography…it all illustrates how the world is changing and that those changes can bring about messy events. At the bottom of the comments, someone proposes a Flash Mob at the site on the one year anniversary of the assault. I hope they do it.

The First Rule is Engagement

Jeff Trzeciak writes about gaming and libraries: What does this have to do with designing better libraries? Well, quite a bit! All educators – including librarians – need to develop an understanding that technology has had a profound impact on how we act AND how we think. We need to develop systems that reflect how learners learn today. Libraries and library systems have traditionally taken a very linear and very text-based approach to accessing resources. This approach, it turns out, may actually be detrimental to the educational process. The first rule of education is engagement. Games are by their very […]

For Dummies Book Display

For Dummies Book Display Originally uploaded by Lansing Public Library, Lansing Illinois. This is incredible – excellent marketing and use of Flickr! http://www.theshiftedlibrarian.com/archives/2007/04/14/dummies_at_lansing_public_library.html I’ll be using this in presentations! Thanks Kelli and Jenny!

Blogging for a Good Book

Jessica down at Williamsburg Regional Library writes to let me know they’ve launched their Blogging for a Good Book blog to augment the library’s Looking for a Good Book readers’ service. From the About page: Read a new review every day, Monday through Friday! The staff of the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia bring you short reviews of books, movies, and more! Launched in April of 2007, Blogging for a Good Book is the newest facet of the Looking for a Good Book readers’ service. A different staff member picks favorite reviews for each different week. Subscribe to our RSS […]

Ticer Summer School 2007

I was honored to teach at the 2006 Summer School program at the Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources. Take a look at the roster for this year: http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/services/lis/ticer/ David Free & Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe will be presenting “Hands-on: Library 2.0 Technologies to Reach out to the Customer,” while Eric Lease Morgan will be presenting “Hands-on: Open Source Software for Libraries and XML” as part of the hands on component of the institute.

The Pragmatic Biblioblogger

http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2007/03/the-pragmatic-biblioblogger.html This post at ALA techSource a few weeks ago illustrates what will probably become the model for my dissertation. I was trying it out there and since then it’s been cooking in my brain. Try this on for size, as will I, by putting it out here: The Pragmatic Biblioblogger Model describes multiple types of librarians who share similar desires: to comment, to connect, to create community. The pragmatic biblioblogger model describes a librarian who authors a professionally-focused blog beyond the scope of their job to constantly find, share and offer advice to others in the LIS profession. Constantly […]