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Minds Turned Off

Who knew guest blogging could get the blood rushing so much? When I got Michael’s e-mail about a week ago I was, well, surprised but pumped. I’ve been chilling out over at my own blog, The Corkboard for a few months doing some random musings, reflections, and the occasional techy DIY posts that were typically non-library related. I’m a senior undergraduate at Elmhurst College studying English and secondary education and I’m currently student teaching at a west suburban school outside of Chicago. I’ll be attending Dominican University in the fall for my masters in library and information science. Want to […]

Digital Libraries at University of Buffalo

Exciting news in digital libraries! LIS graduate students at the University at Buffalo have rolled out another “real world” project! With Dr. June Abbas as project manager, students from the Spring 2007 Digital Libraries class formed 6 teams to create the Karpeles Digital Manuscript Library. This digital library – researched, designed, and implemented in just one semester – uses Greenstone digital library software to organize and display: “digital images and information on some of the many collections housed within the nine Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums located throughout the United States.” [1] The digital library pulls from the eclectic Disney, Maps, […]

Thanks Rural Libraries 2.0!

Thanks Rural Libraries 2.0! Originally uploaded by mstephens7. Thanks to all the planners and attendees at the Rural Libraries 2.0 conference! We had a wonderful time – both at the conference and paddling in Spider Lake! Download the full presentation here! http://rlc2007.blogspot.com/2007/03/conference-activities.html http://theunlibrarian.net/blog/?p=52 And – while we were speaking, some folks in the audience built a ning network for the conference: http://rlc2007.ning.com/