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Start a Revolution

OCLC Blog Salon Originally uploaded by cindiann If anything, ALA 2007 was flickr’d, twitter’ed and blogged from any and every angle. I was lucky to meet some folks whose work inspires me, including Cindi, who I blogged about here, and many others. Also, I appreciate the message of Cindi’s shirt. Can you feel something coming from the discussions, online conversations and conference chatter? I can.

Strictly Forbidden

http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/2007/06/29/strictly-forbidden/ Brian Kelly writes: As someone who used to work in a number of IT Service departments I’m aware of potential security implications. But the tone of this notice strikes me as inappropriate. And it also seems to be out of sync with the trend towards more user-focussed IT Service departments, articulated in the introduction to the UCISA IT Support Staff Symposium 2007 given by David Harrison, UCISA chair who argued that IT Services departments need to stop saying that they are user-focussed and actually mean it. Brian mentions the work of Michael Nowlan, Director of Information Systems Services at […]