Monthly Archives: July 2007

I am blown away by the new vision and mission statements from the University Library at McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario. Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian,and his team of strategic planners have really honed in on some incredible goals. Vision McMaster University Library will be recognized as Canada’s most innovative, user-centred, […]

The Academic Library’s Mission – Risk Taking, Creativity, Transparency What stories could you tell about your library? A day in the ______ department? The journey of a book from arrival to being placed on the shelf? The possibilities are endless! This might make a good exercise as well for learning Flickr, planning a story and creating it. Hmmmm. […]

Dominoe: A Story Told in Flickr

DegreeTutor has a series of interviews up with various library folk. Take a look: Here’s mine: I do get talk about grocery stores: We can learn from the “retail expectations” of our users and potential users. I was amazed to see a high end grocery store chain in […]

Future of Librarians Interviews