Library Blogger Gold

Playing a bit of catch up, but these posts are rocking my world today:

Dr. Joyce Valenza’s Networks: I met Joyce when she and I were still 1.X. It tickles me to see her incredible take on social networks and school librarianship.

Michelle Boule on Crappy Meetings: I’ve been harping on bad meetings in libraries for years. Michelle’s take is priceless and oh so true. Why does it seem that the higher a librarian goes on the administrative ladder, the more he or she wants to convene long meetings that go nowhere?

Lee LeBlanc on what is next for the Social Library: My favorite part? The killer app: LOVE. It’s the truth. To me, it’s the soul of encouraging the heart in libraries.

David Weinberger on saving the Internet: I am a huge DW fan boy. I get a flutter just reading his twitter posts. This is an excellent piece I will use in the classroom.

Kathryn Greenhill on Six very bad reasons to have a library branch in Second Life: Balanced, engaging and spot on: “The whole point of Library2.0 is to take new web tools and tailor them to your clients’ specific needs. Would a Second Life branch do this?”