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Library Blogger Gold

Playing a bit of catch up, but these posts are rocking my world today: Dr. Joyce Valenza’s Networks: I met Joyce when she and I were still 1.X. It tickles me to see her incredible take on social networks and school librarianship. Michelle Boule on Crappy Meetings: I’ve been harping on bad meetings in libraries for years. Michelle’s take is priceless and oh so true. Why does it seem that the higher a librarian goes on the administrative ladder, the more he or she wants to convene long meetings that go nowhere? Lee LeBlanc on what is next for the […]

Your Library Your Life

your library your life Originally uploaded by circulating Our new ad for our new newspaper www.paducahsun.com “A new Paducah Sun will be rising Thursday morning that will be easier to read and include stories more relevant to busy lifestyles. To introduce the new design, more than 50,000 papers will be printed and distributed to every household in McCracken County and Metropolis, Ill. That’s double the normal number of newspapers delivered. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to see what we’ve done with our redesign and how the paper has changed,” General Manager Gary Adkisson said. “We hope people will […]

Dewey Discord in WSJ

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118340075827155554.html Fascinating article that features Jessamyn West, Sarah Houghton-Jan, Karen Schneider and Michael Casey and other librarians weighing in on Maricopa County’s Perry Branch Library that opened without using Dewey to organize the collection. I heart this: “We may want people to spend hours learning our arcane systems, but the reality is they’re going to default to the path of least resistance,” PubLib’s Ms. Schneider said. “We need to be in that path.” Oh yes we do! But it’s what’s missing from the library that has drawn the most attention: Perry abandoned the Dewey Decimal Classification System for its books, […]