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AADL Trusts Staff

Great post by Ann Arbor District Library Director Josie Parker on two years in the life of AADL.org. http://www.aadl.org/node/4722 In my Web 2.0 talks, I usually get the question about letting staff publish blog posts directly to the Web. Wait! Shouldn’t they be proofed (well, yes) and shouldn’t a manager sign off on each one — or maybe a committee? 🙂 Not at AADL. Check out Josie’s words on trust: We trust our staff, and we know that when we expect the best of people that is usually what we get. Allowing staff to post in an unmoderated fashion has […]

Did You Blog & Flickr Harry Potter?

Harry Potter 002 Originally uploaded by Canton Public Library (MI) I was watching all the public library blogs I monitor, as well as my Flickr feeds for Harry Potter coverage this weekend. I was so happy to see some nice coverage. Remember, you could have written a HOT blog post about the boxes arriving and the super secret security surrounding the books until release. I love these images on Flickr – tagged “Harry Potter” and “library.” Thanks Canton!