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Book Discussion: Student Orientation

Henry Jenkins posts about new CMS graduate student orientation at MIT, including a book discussion! Another highlight of today’s events will be our book discussion. Each year, we choose a recent book in the field of media studies (or a sampler of recent articles) which we ask all of the students to read over the summer. The books are selected because they embody key themes or topics which shape our instructional and research efforts for the coming year. The books become a shared reference point for our community — in the weeks leading up to the student’s arrival and in […]

Teachers & Technology: A Rant by David Warlick

I almost lost it when I read, in Cheryl Oats’ comment, “..someone told me they didn’t want to learn one more new thing, they didn’t like new things..“ I would want to ask, “You call yourself a teacher?” Who more than teachers should be willing and eager to learn new things? Calming myself back down again, I have to remind myself that technology is anything that was invented after you were born. Our kids, as Jeff reminds us, grew up with computers and the Internet. They become so accomplished with these tools because it’s play for them. I think that […]

Questions for School Librarians

Chris Harris, a tad frustrated about his LIS education, has some questions: If I had to join an e-mail list and ask a question for class, here are some I might toss out… How are you marketing and branding your library to maintain visibility in your school? What are your primary tools for continued professional development, and how do you squeeze those activities in to an otherwise overwhelming schedule? What will be my biggest challenge as a first year librarian, and what can I do now in library school to better prepare myself? How would you define your relationship […]

Using Google Reader this Semester

I’m using Google reader to monitor my class blogs this semester. So far, I like it, even though I’m so steeped in my Safari RSS reading. I’m already knocked out by the blogging going on in both my LIS753 Internet Fundamentals class and the Library 2.0 class. Last week we discussed Virtual Communities and read Rheingold and Buckland. I think looking at the formation of virtual communities lays a perfect foundation for examining social software. The blogging assignment this week – post about your first or an early experience with a virtual community.

More on the New Zealand “In 2017…”

IMG_0216 Originally uploaded by National Library of New Zealand What began as a small campaign to encourage people to visit the National Library’s trade exhibit area has since gone global, so I thought I’d use our own blog to wrap some context around the cards that have blown out of the drawer and all over the Net.

Upcoming Presentations Fall 2007

September 21, 2007. The Hyperlinked Library. New York Public Library staff presentation. October 5, 2007, Featured Speaker, Top Technology Trends, Nevada Library Association, Carson City, Nevada October 10, 2007. Keynote, Illinois Library Association, Springfield, Illinois October 29-31, 2007, Internet Librarian, Monterey, California. Public Libraries Track with Jenny Levine and a super HOT lineup of speakers! November 2, 2007. Schaumburg Public Library Staff In Service Day, Schaumburg, Illinois. November 10-11, 2007. Hawaii Library Association, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kauai: Opening General Session: Ten Top Technologies & Ideas to Improve Library Productivity, Session: Working Better in a 2.0 World: Discovery & Play Discussion […]

“A continuing quest for technological improvement

I want to share some discussion from Wednesday night’s LIS768 Class. Here’s the task I gave the groups: Michael Buckland writes in the introduction to Redesigning Library Services: “Libraries exist for the benefit of the mind, but they have serious practical problems coping with the acquisition, storage and handling of the documents and records with which they deal. Major constraints arise from the technology used as a means for providing service. Any change in technology that would have a significant effect on the methods available for acquisition, storage, delivery, or searching procedures could have important consequences for library service. Consequently […]