Tonight in LIS768: Blogs & RSS 2


What an excellent teaching tool!

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  • Referencegirl

    I am going to try something new the next time I do a bibilographic instruction class. Instead of asking the students why they have entered into their particular field of study, my usual warm up question, I am going to ask them what sucks about the library. I want to hear what they have to say so I can address certain issues and make changes, but I am scared. What if they complain about things I can do nothing about? What if they hurt my feelings? Oh well. I cannot market and promote without input.

    A comment timid and overly protective of our materials…
    The other day someone had left a nearly full can of diet coke near the entrance of my library. It’s small library so I just held it up and aksed if it belonged to anyone before I threw it away. It did and the patron said, “I didn’t want to bring it in.” I replied, “oh, you can have it in here, that’s no big deal.” “Really?” “Yes, really. You can have food to and use your cell phone! There are worse things that could happen here then a spill.” I was thinking about the high amount of theft I have experienced recently. “Are you the librarian here?” “Yes. Why?” “I have never heard a librarian talk like that.”

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