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Great Example of Conference Blogging!

Clare Leibfarth, Medical Librarian at the Affinity Medical Center Doctors Campus in Massillon, Ohio writes: Would the readers of the Tame the Web be interested in learning about the conference blog for the Joint Chapter MLA Meeting in Omaha? This morning I posted an “interview” with MLA President Mark Funk. Previous posts (there are 33) include everything from conference program notes to travel tips to foodie updates. I’ll be taking my laptop and camera with me to Omaha and will be posting “live” from the conference. We will also have a number of conference blog correspondents who will be […]

Departmental Self-Interest

Brian Mathews offers this at Designing Better Libraries: There has been a lot of talk about libraries becoming more “user” centered, even back in 2000 I recall seeing user-centered or user-focused in several job postings. With the emergence of all the Web 2.0 magic, this term has become even more prominent. But are libraries really any different? Can patrons detect a difference? I think that those of us working in libraries have seen a change, but what about our users? Has any of our rhetoric translated into a noticeable change? Do they perceive us as being user-centered, or is it […]

An Open Letter to the IT Department about Firefox

I just submitted this to the IT Help Desk. I wanted to share it here to see if other folks have had a similar experience on various campuses. I want to make an even-keeled case for giving my LIS students access to another broswer on their student accounts – how did I do? What else could I say? I am especially happy that the toolbar group in LIS768 wants to make a toolbar that will help our students with their coursework. I can’t wait to blog about that! Hello! I am following up on some requests from my GSLIS students […]

T-Mobile Users to iPhone

Yup, that was me: http://www.engadget.com/2007/10/15/iphone-report-most-owners-left-treos-sidekicks-behind/ Not surprisingly, iPhone early adopters were “ten times more likely than other new phone buyers to have previously owned a Treo and three times more likely to have owned a T-Mobile branded phone, such as the popular Sidekick model.” When it came to carriers, Alltel and T-Mobile were said to have lost the most customers to AT&T, as consumers who “switched carriers to buy an iPhone were three times more likely to switch from Alltel or T-Mobile than from other carriers.” On a plane two weeks ago, the entire exit row crowd had iPhones. The […]

A Long Overdue Note of Thanks

A post that is long overdue. I want to extend public thanks to Jennifer Graham and Scott Smith for the invaluable assistance they provided me as I finished my dissertation. In a way, it’s also an acknowledgement of how powerful these informal blogging connections can be. In the space of a few months Jennifer and I both suffered losses. I could hardly breathe some days as the summer slipped away. Requests for formatting and clarification came from the University Reader at UNT when I least expected it. Jennifer and Scott were there for me — to assist and offer support […]