Reducing the Noise

I really enjoy student blogging – especially LIS students. From a blog by a Knowledge Management grad student comes this:

I find it interesting that after I write this post, I’m going to tag it the wordpress way, so hopefully someone else can pull my thoughts out of cyberspace. Again, Cory Doctorow, co-author of the Boing Boing blog, postulates that collectively we can achieve our goal: the “communication of information,” as I like to call it. In its simplest form, isn’t commuication all about getting information from the sender to the receiver without a bunch of noise? (Thank you Shannon and Weaver, 1949.) As information professionals, it should be our charge to make that communication connection without letting information get lost in classification metacrap. Whether a web designer or reference librarian, if the goal is to “Just Communicate!” then we need to find ways to reduce the crap, I mean noise.

Read the whole post. On a teacher imposed database search, the blogger took another route and then recreated the steps inside the databases. Follow the links in the comments as well.