Six Secrets of Success

From Hey Jude:

1. Love your employees as well as your customers – this is essential for productivity.

2. Connect peers with purpose – this is how you give coherence and cohesiveness – We need direction plus flexibility from the centre. The secret glue of cohesion is peer interaction.

3. Bullying backfires – identifying ineffectiveness without being punitive or pejorative in your actions.

4. Learning is the work – be careful – PD is a good way to avoid change! It’s about professional learning not professional development. We shouldn’t learn outside and apply it. It’s the difference between prescription and precision. It doesn’t work to simply make teachers autonomous. Precision means that some things are non-negotiable – and there is no conflict between precision and creativity. It’s the way you gravitate to those things that we know are effective.

5. Transparency rules – its about results and its about practice.

6. Systems Learning – using your knowledge while doubting what you know. Using humility while you move forward.

More about love! And creating relationships with your peers. And honest, open conversation. Good stuff.