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Save Our Library

Dear Michael:

I want to tell you about my new blog. Aside from the standard issues that Librarians face here in Indiana we have a new one that has the potential for disastrous consequences for small public libraries here in Indiana.

A large issue, which I feel is being played down by some, is the consolidation of all public libraries in the state. Few Librarians and taxpayers alike feel that this is going to be a beneficial change. Currently there are 238 libraries. The consolidation of public libraries would mean that there are 92.

Somehow I got the bright idea of starting a blog to effectively disseminate the information that was blowing through my Inbox everyday. There simply was no place to gather all of the relevant information and opinions in one tidy little spot for all to see and comment upon.

Stephen Boggs

Stephen – great to hear about your new blog! Keep the information coming. I’m sure it will be helpful to Indiana Librarians – and all librarians who may face uncertain changes as well.

Stephen is director of the New Carlisle Library: