An Open Letter to the South Bend Tribune


Dear South Bend Tribune:


I received your letter today asking for more information as to why I canceled my subscription last week. Your letter included a brief questionnaire asking why I stopped the paper and how the customer service was when I called to cancel. Yes, I called to cancel, because I couldn’t find a way to do so online. You might want to make that an option.


I canceled not only because the papers were piling up week to week and sometimes went right into the recycling bin, but also because I realized I was reading only the ads — particularly that big box electronics retailer I enjoy thumbing through every Sunday. These days I get my news mainly through the Web: thus the check-marked box on the questionnaire “I get my news from the Internet.” I think you’re probably seeing more of this type of response.


More specifically, I use an RSS portal page and just recently added a local news and information tab to my collection of automatically updating Web pages.


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