Congrats to Nicole C. Engard, New Open Source Evangelist at LibLime!

“Nicole’s passion for open source is inspiring,” says Joshua Ferraro, CEO of LibLime. “We’re excited to have Nicole fill this critical role of Open Source Evangelist, increasing awareness and facilitating education about open source in both the physical and virtual library communities.”

“I honestly believe the future of libraries is in open source,” says Nicole. “Libraries are at a pivotal point – things are changing rapidly around them – among them the traditional software and service models. Open Source software and the companies that support these packages allow libraries a freedom that they haven’t had in years. It is this freedom that excites me and I want to share that excitement with as many librarians as possible. I love that LibLime fills a major need in libraries. Many libraries cannot afford to have their own IT staff and so they write off Open Source as a viable option – LibLime makes it viable!”

Congrats Nicole! I’ve followed her outstanding “What I Learned Today” blog for years!