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An Open Letter to the South Bend Tribune

Dear South Bend Tribune:   I received your letter today asking for more information as to why I canceled my subscription last week. Your letter included a brief questionnaire asking why I stopped the paper and how the customer service was when I called to cancel. Yes, I called to cancel, because I couldn’t find a way to do so online. You might want to make that an option.   I canceled not only because the papers were piling up week to week and sometimes went right into the recycling bin, but also because I realized I was reading only […]

Congrats to Nicole C. Engard, New Open Source Evangelist at LibLime!

http://liblime.com/news-items/press-releases/nicole-c-engard-joins-liblime/ “Nicole’s passion for open source is inspiring,” says Joshua Ferraro, CEO of LibLime. “We’re excited to have Nicole fill this critical role of Open Source Evangelist, increasing awareness and facilitating education about open source in both the physical and virtual library communities.” “I honestly believe the future of libraries is in open source,” says Nicole. “Libraries are at a pivotal point – things are changing rapidly around them – among them the traditional software and service models. Open Source software and the companies that support these packages allow libraries a freedom that they haven’t had in years. It is […]

Green Today, Green Tomorrow at Moraine Valley

There is a new blog at Moraine Valley Community College that is sure to inspire other similar blogs at other colleges. http://ext.morainevalley.edu/green/ The Moraine Valley Library is excited to announce the a new blog, Green Today, Green Tomorrow as part of the library’s One Book, One College initiative in conjunction with the college’s larger Sustainability Initiative. This new blog is available at: http://ext.morainevalley.edu/green/. “We hope that this blog will be a point of connection between the college community, the sustainability efforts on campus, and the educational opportunities that are part of the One Book program,” commented Troy Swanson, librarian, who […]

More on NetVibes – From France!

  Clotilde comments about using NetVibes to build a portal: The French Lille Management School’s library had made “virtual communities” with NetVibes. You can see for example the HR communtiy on http://www.netvibes.com/esc-lille_rh You can also visit their website 2.0 : http://mediatheque.esc-lille.fr/index.php?id=362&L=1 (in english)