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Flickr Images in “The Hyperlinked Library 2008”

I wanted to give as much credit as possible to the incredible folks who share their photos on Flickr and offer use vi the Creative Commons. All of these images are used in the new version of The Hyperlinked Library. Intro: The Library of the Past: Web 2.0 Logos: The Hive: Continuous Computing: 2.0 Memes: Seamless not Silos: Borders Concept Store: Red Box: Seamless Services:–stromberg–/785719227/ Books is the Library Brand: Electronic Reference Resources: Social Libraries: Starbucks: Starbucks: Starbucks: The Evolving Web: Revised Edition: Evolve: Fortress?: […]

Links in “The Hyperlinked Library 2008”

Citations & Links Noted in the Hyperlinked Library Presentations Introduction Singapore Flickr: Singapore Flickr 2: These Things are Opportunities: Google’s Share: Laying the Foundation “Social Machines” – Continuous Computing: What is Web 2.0?: Generators: 2.0 Memes:’ Library 2.0: OCLC Perceptions: OCLC Sharing: Pew report on Wikipedia: Starbucks memo leaked: Evolve, Let Go of Control, Be Visible: PageFlakes: Dublin: Mud Flap Girl: CeLIBration: Laptop Librarians: LOC at Flickr: Ask for What You Want: ACU Connected Campus: Borders Concept Store: Go Digital: The […]

Lots of Links!

Don’t miss the newly remodeled Swiss Army Librarian, I’ve really enjoyed some recent posts about open source, book suggestion links and a category devoted to reference questions. Social media in the 1990s – remember the days? The ALA Code is Not Enough: Fascinating thinking from the Other Librarian. Adding to course readings.

A Day in the Life of an LIS Educator

I read with interest this article at U.S. News &World Report: Professor, Day in the Life After that, you check out an online discussion that’s part of an Internet class you’re teaching. You post a couple of comments and answer a dozen student E-mails. Next, it’s off to a faculty meeting. Your department is debating whether to add another master’s degree to its offerings, and the discussion is dominated by a powerful faculty member who argues that an esoteric course—which happens to be in his area of expertise—is essential. Finally, you get to work on a textbook chapter you’ve been […]

Choose Your Own Technology Adventure

Via Sean:  It seems IBM is getting into designing 2.0 applications with UCLA students. Here’s the part of the article that really caught my eye: Choose Your Own Technology Adventure at UCLA To help prepare students for the ongoing demand for open computing skills is a class project IBM pioneered for UCLA’s CS130 Computer Science class. “Choose your own (technology) adventure” operates on a simple principle — harnesses students’ interest-areas to shape the coursework rather than on standard textbooks and syllabi. Selecting from open technology areas, students propose their own course projects, ranging from a mobile phone mashup that […]

Open Source & Libraries

Via LISnews:  There’s a “growing disconnect in what we’re being provided from commercial companies … and what libraries are starting to realize they need,” he said, but libraries aren’t blameless either: He believes they need to communicate more effectively the features and functionality they require. And just because it’s open source doesn’t mean it’s better. Soon enough, Gibbons suggested, open source innovations might spur competition and eventually result in more and better choices in the consumer market. 

Open Sesame Don’t miss Open Sesame where Open Source Evangelist Nicole Engard will be blogging and sharing: This blog will be my platform and I want to hear from all of you who have stories to share or questions to ask. I want to learn from you as you learn from me and others. If you’ve heard me talk before you know that I’m an advocate for open-source solutions in libraries, I’ve found that the open-source community and the library community both follow a similar set of guidelines, making them the perfect partners in a push for change and enhancements for […]