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Citations & Links Noted in the Hyperlinked Library Presentations Introduction Singapore Flickr: Singapore Flickr 2: These Things are Opportunities: Google’s Share: Laying the Foundation “Social Machines” – Continuous Computing: What is Web 2.0?: Generators: 2.0 Memes:’ Library 2.0: OCLC Perceptions: OCLC Sharing: Pew […]

Links in “The Hyperlinked Library 2008”

Don’t miss the newly remodeled Swiss Army Librarian, I’ve really enjoyed some recent posts about open source, book suggestion links and a category devoted to reference questions. Social media in the 1990s – remember the days? The ALA Code is Not Enough: Fascinating thinking from the Other Librarian. Adding to […]

Lots of Links!

Via Sean:  It seems IBM is getting into designing 2.0 applications with UCLA students. Here’s the part of the article that really caught my eye: Choose Your Own Technology Adventure at UCLA To help prepare students for the ongoing demand for open computing skills is a class project IBM […]

Choose Your Own Technology Adventure

Via LISnews:  There’s a “growing disconnect in what we’re being provided from commercial companies … and what libraries are starting to realize they need,” he said, but libraries aren’t blameless either: He believes they need to communicate more effectively the features and functionality they require. And just because it’s […]

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