From the Front Desk….

At Darien Library, staff at the front desk have their own blog. This level of openness and transparency does my heart good. When was the last time someone on your front lines got to do a shout out to the staff?

Sometimes I lose sight of how wonderful the people I work with are and it takes a patron comment or the observation of an interaction to remind me of that very fact.

Last month a patron told Desketeer Alison that they felt we were the ‘Jet Blue of Libraries” for our willingness to go above and beyond.for our patrons. How nice is that?

So I end the week with a salute to my wonderful co-workers: To the Desketeers in all their fabulous Desketeer Diva-ness, to the Ref-Cadets who take on any and all questions (you would not believe the stuff they get asked!), to the Children’s Room Scouts who I swear must be deaf at the end of the day from all the activity that takes place in their room, to the Techies who if a computer can do, they will find a way to make it work for you, Shelvers who have the most thankless yet important job in the joint and to Admin-ministers who toil behind the scenes and do all the stuff that makes us able to open our doors every morning. Yeah us! We rock!

So next time you walk through the doors, check us out. You will be amazed at what we do.

Are other libraries experimenting with a “Front Desk” blog?