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“Quit on Print” – I am a Newspaper Conundrum

A few weeks ago I chatted with a reporter about my ALA TechSource post “An Open Letter to the South Bend Tribune.” Somehow he found it and wanted me to comment on my intent for the post. I confessed I should have taken the post farther and addressed what Alan Gray noted in the TTW comments: economic models for feeds, etc. So the result of that brief conversation with Rick Edmonds is here: http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=123&aid=137054 Edmonds actually spoke to the editor of the South Bend Tribune: Tim Harmon, managing editor of the South Bend Tribune, told me by phone that he […]

From the Front Desk….

At Darien Library, staff at the front desk have their own blog. This level of openness and transparency does my heart good. When was the last time someone on your front lines got to do a shout out to the staff? http://tinyurl.com/yut83k Sometimes I lose sight of how wonderful the people I work with are and it takes a patron comment or the observation of an interaction to remind me of that very fact. Last month a patron told Desketeer Alison that they felt we were the ‘Jet Blue of Libraries” for our willingness to go above and beyond.for our […]

Social Software in Libraries by Jessamyn West

Run don’t walk to this incredible presentation and list of resources. http://www.librarian.net/stax/2244/social-software-in-libraries-a-presentation/   I decided that part of really getting the idea of social software or technology generally is that many people confuse tools and brands and examples and I think people will feel more in charge of technology if they know how to explain it. From working with novice users, I know they use turns of phrases like “My Yahoo s broken” and don’t even realize that they’re not really speaking sensically to someone who understands the terms. On the other hand, I can understand how the idea of “a […]