Flickr on my AppleTV

Flickr on my AppleTV |Originally uploaded by mstephens7

The AppleTV update dropped today. There’s a lot of new features I’m trying out but I was immediately drawn to the inclusion of Flickr as one of the photo options. I added myself as a contact and suddenly my entire Flickr collection is available. In the photo, you’ll see my recent favorites scrolling by in classic Apple reflection on a slant way.


Searching for content

Search results for Loreena McKennit

Previewing a track for purchase.

Rent a Movie (with HD option)

And look at all the Stevie Nicks!

As I finish this post, I’m running a Flickr slide show on my TV of trips to England for ILI, set to music pulled from my iTunes library. The image quality is darn good and the transition smooth.

I’m fascinated to see what will happen with this type of delivery of content, the convergence of social networks from the web to the living room, and the adoption rate of these types of technologies. AV librarians, please stand by: what might these inroads do to your collections? Your space?

Read more about the update here at MacWorld.