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Do You Trust your Staff? – A TTW Guest Post from Darien Library’s Alan Gray

Maybe most libraries think about it differently, but Darien Library is sending more staff members to Los Angeles for BookExpo America, the majority of whom will be Circulation staff, two of them part-time, than to any other conference this year. It’s a major commitment on our part, but for nearly all our staff, this is the most important event of the year. They love it! Now I wouldn’t expect many east coast libraries to follow suit, but how many libraries out there will be sending part-time OR even full-time Circ staff to BookExpo, and when it comes east next year, […]

Flickr on my AppleTV

Flickr on my AppleTV |Originally uploaded by mstephens7 The AppleTV update dropped today. There’s a lot of new features I’m trying out but I was immediately drawn to the inclusion of Flickr as one of the photo options. I added myself as a contact and suddenly my entire Flickr collection is available. In the photo, you’ll see my recent favorites scrolling by in classic Apple reflection on a slant way. Checkout: Searching for content Search results for Loreena McKennit Previewing a track for purchase. Rent a Movie (with HD option) And look at all the Stevie Nicks! As I finish […]