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Lots of Links!

Don’t miss the newly remodeled Swiss Army Librarian, I’ve really enjoyed some recent posts about open source, book suggestion links and a category devoted to reference questions. Social media in the 1990s – remember the days? The ALA Code is Not Enough: Fascinating thinking from the Other Librarian. Adding to course readings.

A Day in the Life of an LIS Educator

I read with interest this article at U.S. News &World Report: Professor, Day in the Life After that, you check out an online discussion that’s part of an Internet class you’re teaching. You post a couple of comments and answer a dozen student E-mails. Next, it’s off to a faculty meeting. Your department is debating whether to add another master’s degree to its offerings, and the discussion is dominated by a powerful faculty member who argues that an esoteric course—which happens to be in his area of expertise—is essential. Finally, you get to work on a textbook chapter you’ve been […]