Can you help?

Nicole writes:

Karen Coyle has a great post on her site where she calls for help on creating “An easy, online, social library catalog.” Why another cataloging tool? Karen has recently returned from Kosovo where many of the library don’t have catalogs and certainly don’t have the resources to run many of the affordable solutions out there. Here’s Karen’s checklist:

  1. A social networking site where the society members are libraries, not individuals.
  2. The ability to capture copy cataloging from other libraries or create cataloging on the site itself.
  3. Full Unicode support, both for the interface and for the data.
  4. The ability to capture and create records using a MARC-compatible format.
  5. The ability to export the library catalog records in MARC format.
  6. A reports function that could print off the results of searches or even the library’s inventory, so it could be used off-line.
  7. The creation of groups of “library friends,” that is other libraries whose data should be included in searches and displays. This will facilitate sharing and also will serve users in areas where resources are scarce and scattered.
  8. A search and display interface that looks like a modern library catalog
  9. It all has to be easy to use with no training required, and not require any technical support on the part of the library.

Read Karen’s entire post and if you think you can lend a helping hand, let her know.