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There is Only One You

John Klima writes: Here’s the magic of this. I am not confined in thinking that I need to be like everyone else, think like everyone else, or act like everyone else. I can’t be. We’re all unique. And being unique means that none of us are alike. You couldn’t follow the crowd if you wanted to. So how is this helpful? Why would you want to tell this to students? For me, it removed my inhibitions, it removed my fear of failure. No matter how awful things might feel in the moment, you can know deep down that you bring […]


Phil Bradley writes: Now, this is very useful. For pages that don’t have an RSS  Page2RSS will basically create one for you. Simply type in the URL of the page that you’re interested in, grab the feed, add it into your favourite reader and you’re done.

Library 2.0 Tree

Great idea from Finland: http://webometrics.fi/blog/blog/2008/05/05/library-20-tree/ On April 3-4 the research project Library 2.0 –  a participatory context organised a workshop and a symposium. More about these can be read on the project web site. We had about 50 guest, including invited speakers from Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. To compensate the pollution and burden on the environment all the travelling caused, we decided to plant a tree, an ash (Fraxinus excelsior). I got the idea from ESSIR last year where the organisers did the same thing. The city of Turku was immediately interested in the idea and wanted to provide a space […]