14 Days to Have Your Say

Frank Haulgren, Collection Services Manager, ILL & Document Delivery – Media – Microforms for Wilson Library at Western Washington University, writes:



I checkout your blog regularly and always find some interesting stuff posted.  Always fun to share the ideas there with colleagues.  You may find our library’s current blogging project of interest.  We’ve put up a heavily promoted, limited life blog as the academic year ends to gather ideas about what the library should be doing differently.  There is a short video at the top that explains to users what the intent is.

14 Days To Have Your Say   May 7 – 21

The Libraries want to hear from you.  Be part of the discussion!


Take a look at the responses – especially those noted as “Ideas most commented on..”  You’ll find discussion ranging from:

I love the social nature of our library. There are a lot of comments about having a quieter library, but I think there should just be some quieter areas if anything.I’ve never been in such a friendly library, and I like there are a lot of different people who hang out there. I think a cafe could make it even homier.


I agree with many of the other comments, and think the library is turning into into a badly marketed, noisy computer lab. I want a nice quiet place to study that I actually enjoy being in. I would like more comfotable seating such as more couches (not the old nasty orange ones), larger and more desks to study at, and most importantly a quiet area to study in. There are already plenty of computer labs on campus, we don’t need to turn the library into one, nor do I want concerts in the library. I would like a place to read quietly. I like the idea of getting the reading room back, and keeping the skybridge and group study rooms for the noisy areas.

I applaud WWU for soliciting this feedback. From just spending a few minutes reading responses, I can see that a blending of quiet/no talking spaces, technology commons spaces, and comfortable, relaxation spaces may be included as the library moves forward. Frank, please let us know how the 14 Days goes. Academic library folk, explore these ideas as well for insight into what your students might want.