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Via John Kirriemuir http://www.silversprite.com/?p=540 Academics who have successfully developed in SL report that their host institution and technical services are largely supportive, though with the latter there are often problems with firewalls, PC capability and enabling voice functionality. Academics report varied reactions to SL from colleagues, ranging from interest and curiosity […]

Spring 2008 “snapshot” of Second Life use in UK HE/FE

http://www.socialcustomer.com/2008/05/defining-you.html In the old world, you were defined by what you consumed*.  In the new world, you are defined by what you create. *- your credit report, your vehicle, etc Much discussion. Check it out. I tend to agree.,

What do you create?

http://www.voiceofsandiego.org/articles/2008/05/17/news/walker051708.txt Walker’s latest venture seems a mixture of those two. It’s an online forum called RottenNeighbor.com, and it allows residents of a neighborhood to complain about the noise, dogs, midnight habits or lawn-mowing antics of the folks next door. Launched last summer, the site was first based entirely out of Walker’s […]

“The Dark Side” : The Wisdom of Rating Your Neighbors

Nicole Engard writes: At a few of my most recent talks I’ve had attendees complain that there were not handouts. I tell them at the beginning of the class that I’m going green and the slides are available online for people to print if they want – but that they can view […]

Going Green

Nice article from USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/services/2008-05-06-tech-flickr_N.htm Flickr was created in 2003 by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, initially as a video game site. It was purchased by Yahoo in 2005, when it had 400,000 registered members. Today, Flickr has 26 million members. Free accounts are limited to uploads of 100 […]

Flickr rules in photo sharing, as video tiptoes in – ...

We-R-hot!, originally uploaded by rambleonsylvie. Rambleonsylvie writes: my library’s youth services crew is “oh so cool.” Check out all the stuff they will be doing. we bought and have loaded a video game creation program on the lab computers for them. all the events filled right up, they’ll do more, […]