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Nicole Engard writes:

At a few of my most recent talks I’ve had attendees complain that there were not handouts. I tell them at the beginning of the class that I’m going green and the slides are available online for people to print if they want – but that they can view them online whenever they want – and they still complain!! I don’t know about you, but most of my class handouts go into the recycle bin after I blog about the session – why keep them? I have it all documented and linked here. Librarians (and probably lots of other people – but I mostly see librarian) seem way too wedded to their paper! We need to learn to use some of the new tools available to us instead of wasting paper.

To that I give a hearty “Here here!” I’ve stopped doing handouts of any kind these days — a downloadable PDF of slides and a clickable bibliography works well for me. I was tickled to see SOLINET give each attendee a jump drive with all the conference resources on it. Good idea! Here’s to more conferences goin’ green.

One thought on “Going Green

  • stevenb

    I’m not so sure that giving out flash drives is “going green”. So what if there are some leftover paper handouts. They can be recycled. In my local community we can recycle every last piece of paper, cardboard, boxes, etc. How long will it before those flash drives end up in a trash can – and then in a landfill where they won’t bio-degrade – and could possibly leak heavy metals. I haven’t given out copies of slides for a long time. That is a waste – and it’s counterproductive to the presenter’s goals. Those who want it can download it from my site. But I still give out a 2-sided single sheet with resources. I think attendees like going away from your session with something tangible in their hand – and I think they are much more likely to check out the resources if they can put it on their desk when they get back to the office.

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