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Smells Like Teen Spirit (Sorry! Had to be done!)

Another great opportunity for “at your desk” learning:   Learn more about creating and maintaining great teen physical and online spaces, and receive guidance in creating programs and events that keep teens coming back to the library again and again.   Tuesday, June 10th, 2 PM EDT. www.libraryjournal.com/teenservices Polaris Library Systems President and CEO Bill Schickling will lead a one hour webcast which will include a stellar panel of educators, researchers and librarians who are at the forefront of promoting teen services in public libraries. Topics will include: Your Teen Area as Their Third Space: Creating a Place Cool Enough to […]

Skokie PL: Virtual Services Coordinator

Under the direction of the Director, and in cooperation with the Website Coordinator and Manager of Public Information, the Virtual Services Coordinator develops strategies for implementing and delivery of virtual services to the public. The Virtual Services Coordinator works to integrate the Library’s web offerings and to guide the Library’s virtual services efforts toward user-centered services, incorporating new creative approaches that optimize the customer experience, manage content, and provide customer support. Duties and responsibilities: Ensures that all our web services and virtual resources are integrated and designed for ease of use and convenience of patrons Provides leadership to engage the […]

Flinders University Graduate Trainee Librarian Program – Adelaide, South

I met Chris O’Malley in Australia. I was very interested to hear about the trainee program he’s in. I asked him to write a little bit about it for TTW: Librarianship is a competitive profession to break into.  Getting that first professional role was a proud moment for me, which felt like the culmination of a lot of study, a lot of thought about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, and even dealing with a little rejection along the way.  This seems to be a reasonably common experience.  Of course, now I have broken through that barrier, there are many more […]

Starbucks asks for Feedback

http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/home/home.jsp Kyle sent this a few weeks ago and said “Please tell me you’ve seen this.” 🙂 I actually had but had filed it away in an overflowing brain as the semester was ending. Take a look if you haven’t seen this: customer commentary meets DIGG meets blog meets “favoriting” meets Starbucks. Some ideas are chosen as “Under Review:”: We’re very happy to point out that two of your most popular ideas have been put “Under Review” this week. Here they are: DARK ROAST, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Bold coffee lovers, we hear you. In just three short weeks, your idea […]

UK Study on Social Networks

Via Michael Casey: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7325019.stm The Ofcom report looks into the impact of social networks on people’s lives in the UK as part of a wider media literacy campaign and surveyed 5,000 adults and more than 3,000 children. Its statistics suggest that around 19% of all UK youngsters have a presence on a social networking site. “Social networks are clearly a very important part of people’s lives and are having an impact on how people live their lives,” said James Thickett, director of market research at Ofcom.

Blended Librarian Webcast: Opening New Windows of Opportunity: Creating Breakthrough Instructional Experiences

“Opening New Windows of Opportunity: Creating Breakthrough Instructional Experiences” On Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 3 pm. EST. Brian Mathews will speak on “breakthrough opportunities” as he shares his latest ideas on creating interactive library experiences for students. This session will feature tactics for engaging students in both the classroom as well as in digital environments. Brian will also discuss possibilities for the library and librarians to become a more integrated part of campus and will highlight his ubiquitous “push-out” philosophy. Guest Speaker Bio: Brian Mathewsis the User Experience Librarian at Georgia Tech. He frequency writes and speaks on the […]

Not Hidden Behind the Desk

library patron? no., originally uploaded by aaron schmidt. Aaron writes: a library employee. everyone i saw minus one was on the OUTSIDE of these desks, not hidden behind. I am so happy to see this. It’s a perfect example of the evolving library and evolving reference desk. Three cheers to this forward thinking library in Holland. I’m reminded of recent retail experiences where I stood beside the person helping me as we designed our new front door. I’m reminded of checking into a hotel where the check in desk had been replaces with individual kiosks/stations, where I stood beside the […]

“Org Charts on their Sides”

http://curtisrogers.blogspot.com Check out this article. Shouldn’t libraries be included in this equation? Every Company Should Use Social Media | Employee Evolution Social media is changing everything. Business Week recently published an article about the power of social media and how companies are beginning to embrace it, because they really don’t have a choice. Not everyone has a blog, or wants to blog, but you would be hard pressed to find many people who aren’t on some type of social network. Now it’s time for corporate America to follow suit and meet their potential customers on their own turf, or risk […]

Embraces Technology

Karl Fisch points to a job posting for a school principal: http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com The areas of proven success excite me, including what I perceive to be a focus on open communication, participation, and transparency. Awareness and use of technology is highlighted as well. The candidate must show evidence of proven success in the following areas: Commits to the belief that each stakeholder in the school community deserves to be given individual attention and to be treated with dignity and respect. Embraces technology and uses it as a management and instructional tool daily. Designs opportunities to empower students, staff and parents to […]