Starbucks asks for Feedback

Kyle sent this a few weeks ago and said “Please tell me you’ve seen this.” 🙂

I actually had but had filed it away in an overflowing brain as the semester was ending. Take a look if you haven’t seen this: customer commentary meets DIGG meets blog meets “favoriting” meets Starbucks. Some ideas are chosen as “Under Review:”:

We’re very happy to point out that two of your most popular ideas have been put “Under Review” this week. Here they are:

DARK ROAST, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Bold coffee lovers, we hear you. In just three short weeks, your idea has rocketed to the number two spot (remember that popularity is based on a combination of votes and time on the site—less time with more votes equals more popularity). Dkrst, your efforts to lobby the group have paid off.

A Penny to Fight PKD This was one of the first ideas on the site to get real traffic and in more than six weeks, it’s held its place in the top five. So thanks to Sandra Andersen’s amazing generosity, a score of 26,860 and your 599 comments, it made it into review.

I know this type of system has been discussed for libraries. Has someone made it so?