The Transparent Library: Dear MLS Grad….

What’s the library policy on blogging and social networking for staff? Can you maintain your personal/professional blog if you accept a position? We’d urge hiring librarians to encourage new staffers to continue their blogging or participation in social networks.

Does the library employ vertical teams for planning and implementation of new services? Can new hires participate and share their voices from day one? Inviting new staffers to play a role in service creation signals a willingness to hear new ideas. Ask for examples.

What mentoring opportunities are there? A recent job listing from Davidson College in North Carolina included this bit: “We want your newbie enthusiasm and fresh ideas, and we’ll mentor you in your growth.” This is a promising trend; it’s vital for veterans to mentor and encourage new librarians.

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AND, don’t miss this comment from Andrea Pearson:

Many recent graduates work as substitutes or work part time. Ask about mentoring and career paths if you are applying for these positions, too Our library system (Hennepin County, MN) has great training opportunities which are open to FT, PT, and subs. The HCL substitute librarians are creating a Library Sub wiki, “Librarian Substitutes 2.0,” in order to keep in touch with each other and keep up professionally. Right now it’s in a very early stage, but we welcome subs and PT librarians to visit at librariansubs at wetpaint.