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Michael and I scouted out the convention center yesterday

    Michael and I scouted out the convention center yesterday, originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. Oh! I should have done this post first! Hello to all attending ALA2008. Please say hi if you see me out and about. I’ll be attending the Movers & Shakers lunch, the Scholarship Bash and the LIS Schools Reception. Jenny and I are presenting at the Empowerment conference Sunday morning – bright and early!

Virtual world libraries : Challenges & Strategies

    Introduction: Me., originally uploaded by Timothy Greig. Timothy Grieg, who I’ve followed for a while as he worked on his Masters project, writes: Today I collaborated (virtually and in person) with three other Second Life educators to present a session on Libraries and Second Life at theTELSIG National Seminar which is being held in Palmerston North today and tomorrow. I was incredibly nervous, and we were all crossing our fingers and toes that there wouldn’t be technology hitches – but all in all – even though there was the odd hiccup, I think it went pretty well! Everyone […]

Don’t Miss ALA TechShots Do you have a great shot of people using technology in your library? Add it to the pool! Photographs submitted to the pool will periodically be selected for inclusion on the American Library Association TechSource blog.  Photos depicting the use of digital technology in libraries are preferred, but archival photos of other technologies in libraries are also welcome. Be creative! Please tag your posts accordingly so that other flickr users can find your photos.   The pool will be swept periodically for photos that the Editors deem inappropriate to the pool. The incredible Cindi Trainor is running this wonderful addition to […]

Thinkering Spaces

hey, that’s me!, originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. Don’t miss these posts from Jenny Levine: BIG stuff.

iTunes sells 5 Billion Songs Apple on Thursday announced that more than five billion songs have been purchased and downloaded from its iTunes Store. According to NPD MusicWatch figures, the iTunes Store is the number one music retailer in the U.S.; Apple also says that the iTunes Store is the most popular online movie store in the world, with people renting and buying more than 50,000 movies every day. File this under “What to do about the AV department.”

Did Video Kill the Blogging Star? …there’s definitely lots going on with video, but I firmly believe most people spend so much time in their pyjamas they won’t want to be on video most of the time they spend online. It’s hard enough to get people to use their own names in discussion forms, blog and article comments.Someone sent us a link to this WordPress plugin the other day that allows people to make comments in blogs with videos. It’s kind of neat and perhaps the kind of thing we’ll be seeing more of soon. It’s complimentary to the Web 2.0 activity that already exists rather than […]

Keys to a Successful Self Check-Out Project This is GOLD if you are pondering self check, etc: (emphasis mine) Make it all or nothing. When we made the strategic decision to move to customer self check we removed the option for customers to have staff assist them in checking out materials. We made the decision to replace most of our staff terminals with self check units. I have seen a lot of libraries put up 1 or 2 units, off to the side of the circulation desk, but this is really a losing effort that has no meaningful impact. People are slow to change unless they no […]