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Are iPod Banning Schools Cheating Our Kids? So many college students I’ve met — even at some of the nation’s top universities — are there because they have an aptitude for memorization. Many straight-A high school students have few interests, little curiosity and zero inclination toward intellectual discovery. Our system rewards the memorizers and punishes the creative thinkers.   An iPod, when used during tests, is nothing more than a machine that stores and spits out data. By banning iPods and other gadgets, we’re teaching kids to actually become iPods — to become machines that store and spit out data. Instead, we should be teaching them […]

Rock On Carol!

Rock On Carol!, originally uploaded by mstephens7. Carol called her post “Attempting Garage Band Podcast,” but take a listen because she did really well! I am enjoying the discoveries of the SLJ Learning 2.0 participants.

Hello, Columbus!

In two weeks I’ll be at the Columbus Metropolitan Library to help launch their Learning 2.0 program. The program is called Learn & Play @ CML. If you are attending any of these sessions, which they are opening to other interested library folk in the area, please say Hi.

15 Objections to Using Social Learning

Via Objection #15 – The Silent Yet Deadly Objection #14: Prove It! Objection #13: How Do You Measure ROI? Objection #12: How Will You Measure That It Is Working? Objection #11: Too Much Info Objection #10: Wasting Time Objection #9: They Aren’t Technical Objection #8: Out of Date Information Objection #7: The Information is Wrong! Objection #6: Mixing Things Up Objection #5: How Do You Know it’s Accurate? Objection #4: Posting Anything, Including Bonobos Objection #3: Control of Information Objection #2: What Does This Have To Do With Training? Objection #1: Socialize! Learning manager Kevin Jones offers insights and solutions […]

Share Your Tips at The Library Tart’s Blog!

I’m monitoring 70+ blogs for SLJ’s All Together Now. This caught my eye: Elle writes: I’d like to send out this question to everyone in 2.0 land:  Seems like when you get a group like this together you have some go-getters in the crowd- probably great on the job, too!  So, tell one or two great ideas, programs, events, tips- whatever, that really stood out for you in the past year, a “tell and share” of sorts!  Soon we’ll have an arsenal of info to tuck into our pockets for that just right time! Trot on over here: and […]