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Going to Google Apps: A TTW Guest Post

by: Robin Hastings Information Technology Manager at the Missouri River Regional Library in Jefferson City, Missouri   This all started because the employees at the library at which I work, the Missouri River Regional Library, were complaining about all the spam in their email. As the Information Technology Manager, part of my job is managing the email server we had – which used to be a server in our server room running Exchange 2003 with Outlook Web Access enabled, so people could use both Outlook and web-based email, whichever they chose. Trying to keep spam out of an Exchange server is difficult […]

A Twitter Tale

Amanda Clay Powers writes: i’m following 51 people on twitter. today one of them “tweeted” that it was shawerma wednesday at shaherazad, our local mediterrenean restaurant. i love shawerma wednesday, but i’d forgotten all about it. when i signed up for twitter it was an experiment. i looked for everyone at msu and in starkville–there weren’t many–and “followed” all of them. and then they “followed” me. i started getting updates about when exams were happening (and what people were doing to de-stress!). then mpbonline and the clarion ledger started following me. mississippi public broadcasting is doing some pretty cool things, it turns out. then i […]

Boulder Teens

Tony Tallent writes: http://yestoknow.wordpress.com/2008/08/22/207/ Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with the Boulder Public Library Teen Advisory Board.  One of the things I realized during the meeting is how far Public Libraries have come in the past 10 years or so with their commitment to the Teens in our communities. The very fact that I was sitting in a meeting room chatting with this vibrant group of Teens talking about libraries, podcasts and how to make the library a better place for them is quite wonderful. Salute to BTAB! Check out what they’re up to at www.boulderteens.org I’m […]