Boulder Teens

Tony Tallent writes:

Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with the Boulder Public Library Teen Advisory Board.  One of the things I realized during the meeting is how far Public Libraries have come in the past 10 years or so with their commitment to the Teens in our communities. The very fact that I was sitting in a meeting room chatting with this vibrant group of Teens talking about libraries, podcasts and how to make the library a better place for them is quite wonderful. Salute to BTAB!

Check out what they’re up to at

I’m impressed with the site and specifically the URL. It aligns the teen group with the community they live in, not just the library. This is a far cry from the ways other libraries have handled teen groups!

Take a look at the spaces on the site for the teens to share their creativity or opinions. This ties in perfectly with what the Pew study from a couple years back found: teens are creating like crazy and offering them a space to do so at the library might just be a good match.

Watch Mr. Tallent’s blog folks – he’s coming on as a Director of Libraries & Arts for Boulder. His insights, plans, and initiatives will be fascinating.