My Dissertation Bound


My Dissertation Bound, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

I just received three bound copies of my dissertation from ProQuest.

For those who might be interested, you can download a PDF version here:


TTW Contributor Lee LeBlanc provided these links:

From the conclusion:

While Gorman (2005) defined a blog as “a species of interactive electronic diary by means of which the unpublishable, untrammeled by editors or the rules of grammar, can communicate their thoughts via the web,” I believe the biblioblogger’s potential role is one of bibliography. Wilson (1979) wrote: “… a complete bibliographical job involves all four elements. Search, selection, description, organization: these are the four most general components, of bibliographical work….The librarian is concerned with the presentation not only of information about sources of information, but with the sources themselves. The librarian is concerned both with the discovery of information sources and with the delivery of those sources to the library’s users.” Constantly scanning via the tools of continuous computing, the pragmatic biblioblogger seeks to redesign library services in an era of enhanced technology. These librarians open comments and engage with other bloggers to discuss and examine events, new technologies, and the LIS profession within a community they have created with a common goal: improving libraries.