Living in the Conversation

Jetlagged here but back from an incredible time in London for Internet Librarian International. While the fun in Monterey continues, I’m in Illinois prepping for the next few things and excited about this post from Hey Jude:

After using Twitter for IDEA2008 and ILI2008, these thoughts for conference microblogging, etc are spot on:

How do you feel about the undirected use of laptops during conference presentations?

It is essential to have the freedom to search links, explore ideas and interact with concepts being presented at a conference. I choose my options as to when to listen and stare at a conference presenter, or when to listen and connect with my laptop to check out idea, share ideas with others, or discuss issues being raise. If I am bored I certainly don’t want to be captured with no escape as well..I would rather check my email than waste the time sitting in a presentation that doesn’t demand my attention.

How do you feel about the undirected use of mobile phones for texting/microblogging during conference presentations?

When it comes to professional learning this is absolutely essential for being engaged with the content, expressing opinions and reflections about the presentations, and just plain having fun through interaction. Remove the ‘industrial model’ from conference presentations, and allow them to be interactive and collaborative. Use the tool, don’t abuse the tool.

Oh, and this is GOLDEN:

Wifi should be accessible and free. Collaboration and distribution of information and ideas should be considered the norm.