Reinvention: Jill Hurst Wahl

Congrats to Jill on her new position as a Professor of Practice at Syracuse:

While I have been influencing my “community” through writing, speaking and project work, I have decided to do something that allows me to influence the next generation of information professionals even more. In January, I’ll be joining the School of Information Studies(iSchool) at Syracuse University (SU). Some of you may know that I have been associated with SU since 2001. This year, I decided that teaching full-time would move me towards my goal of influencing the industry more, and SU decided that adding me to their faculty would be a good thing! As a Professor of Practice, I will be charged with connecting the iSchool to “the practice” (that which occurs outside of academia). That means that the things that you know me for — writing, speaking, consulting, and committee work — will continue. It also means that I’ll be looking for ways to connect students to you (the industry) in ways that are beneficial for them and you. And — yes — I’ll be teaching. I’ll be teaching three classes a semester (spring and fall). How will I continue to write, speak and consult with that course load? Carefully!