ALA Web Site Style Guide

Karen Muller just shared this with the Web Advisory Committee:

I am pleased to attach the current draft of the Style Guide for the “new” ALA web.  As you go through it, you will see some places where we need specific input, or where content is still missing.

Please go through it as carefully as you have time for, ask questions, suggest edits, etc.

After we get your input, we’ll develop the next draft.  As we did with the Style Guide developed in 2003, we will be seeking the committee’s endorsement of this document.  It is the document *all* web developers, at any level in the ALA organization, will need to adhere to.

So that we have time to do another draft and route it back out in good time for Midwinter, we need your feedback by the Monday after Thanksgiving–or December 1. 

We’ll be happy to take comments earlier, as we may be able to do interim drafts of small portions so as to get as much developed in advance as possible.


Please take a look. As chair of the WAC this year, I’d love to get feedback from everyone, not just the folks who will be at the meetings. Please know this is a draft and it may be missing some needed content.

Update: Aaron the Librarian posted it before I did! 🙂

Straight from ALA WAC, there is a 44 page draft style guide (doc or pdf)for the ALA website making the rounds.

If you’re Section 508 compliance-proficient or if you’d like to lend your eyes for a readthrough and comment upon, please feel free.  Comments here or over on WAC Chair, Michael Stephens’ Tame the Web post or via email to the Web Editorial Board would be much appreciated.  [add:]Please feel free to use the ALA ITTS WebPlanning Wiki as a more central commenting board. (You’ll need to register to comment on this wiki, tho)[end add]

I, Michael, and the WAC (along with all the ALA webcontent volunteers) thank you for your effort.