Thanks SWFLN! 2

I gave two presentations last week for the Southwest Florida Library Network. 

The slides for “Taming Technolust in a Hyperlinked World” are here.

The best part of the time was getting to spend time with Lee LeBlanc, who is a little over a month in his new job at SWFLN: Continuing Education/Emerging Technologies Coordinator.

Lee has been a TTW Contributor for almost a year and I’m always glad to hear what he thinks about libraries and our future.

2 thoughts on “Thanks SWFLN!

  • Deb Hanson

    Thanks for being here! You are always inspiring and I love your enthusiasm for libraries and technology. I got into this profession purely by accident, but am now really beginning to feel the passion – thanks to you and to Lee for getting me going !!!! 🙂

  • Lee

    Thanks Michael!

    Being able to talk a length with a prescient leader in the library field, ( and meeting and interacting with colleagues), is like having your own personal learning conference.

    Today is the first day of DevLearn 2008 in San Jose. The elearning theme is not only valuable for someone in my position but this aspect of the changing nature of learning environments is fascinating and one libraries should watch (perhaps even participate in). I’ll have some more updates about this conference later. I’m being very conscious of my time here.

    San Jose is a beautiful city too!

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