TTW Mailbox: Flickr-like Site for School? 2

A School Librarian writes:

Dear Michael –  I sat down with a bunch of my middle school students as they came into the library today and we talked about how we could transform our little public school library into a fabulous space for them. They had great ideas, and I shared some of YOUR ideas with them. I think we will begin changing things next week (I’ll ask permission from the boss after it’s done!). 🙂

Do you or your readers know of any “safe” photo sharing sites like FlickR that we might be able to access in schools. My District still blocks FLickR, Google images, iTunes, any social networking sites, etc. I have only been successful so far in getting unblocked… working on podcasting next… Again – one step at a time. …and I’d love to help create such a site if there is a way to do it!


2 thoughts on “TTW Mailbox: Flickr-like Site for School?

  • Graeme Williams

    What about a file sharing site like

    It has a very simple photo album feature, with pretty good controls on sharing, and an integrated link to Picnik, the online photo editor.

    I’m not sure how unwieldy it would end up being for a group of middle-schoolers, but in theory you could share any other document type as well, such as book reviews.

    Microsoft SkyDrive (at is similar. Microsoft is rolling out a whole new thing for its Live services, so SkyDrive might be completely different by the time you read this (:-).

    You might also look at Google Sites (, which is basically a web site builder but does support photo albums.

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