Vampires are HOT right now. 2

Really – I’m hooked on HBO’s True Blood!

But in Libraryland, the excitement is also building via this new blog “Bella’s Book Club,” a blog celebrating all things Twilight and counting down to the premiere of the film.

Created by Deb Noggle, the blog offers video clips, reviews, and engagement with the mebers of the book club. The good folks at ACPL sent this story along about the blog from Deb herself:

So, we started a book group for Twilight Fans called, “Bella’s Book Club”, named after the main character.  My concept for this was to bridge the gap for these teens by introducing them to other books that are similar in nature to their beloved Twilight books.  I also created blog, for the kids to chat about the books we are reading on, and it also contains video and news updates about Twilight stuff.  Well, last month, we were reading a  YA book called Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith.  One of the teens contacted the author and told her about our book club.  She responded by offering to send autographed bookmarks and goodies to the teens in the book club.  I gave her the library’s address and also asked if she might say a few words about her book on our blog, because it would mean so much to the teens. 
Cynthia Leitich Smith commented on the blog, and complimented us for the site.  She also noted that we should watch her blog, “Cynsations”, 
for an announcement about our Bella’s Book Club blog!!!  Yesterday, on her site, she said:
Visit Bella’s Book Club: a real book club at the Allen County Public Library, Tecumseh Branch, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
You can check out and comment on 
their post on Tantalize (Candlewick, 2007, 2008)(Listening Library, 2008)! Peek: “The book is cleverly written, and sectioned into portions like a restaurant menu. Clearly, the author intends for us to savor and enjoy the ‘meal’ as we digest this book!”

See also discussions of Blood and Chocolate (film and novel), the Vampire Kisses series, and more. Upcoming topics include The Vampire Diaries, the Twilight series, the Blue Bloods series and many more.

And now, we’ve received a comments from people who were led to our site from her site.  We have 13 followers of the blog right now, including people from outside of Allen County.  We even have a blog follower from Bringelly, New South Wales, Australia!  I think that it’s pretty cool that this all started from one of our teens!

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