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Easy to Contact… anywhere.

Easy to Contact… anywhere. But, not sure how its possible, left out a few things the first time…, originally uploaded by ktmikel. My friend Kurt posts an interesting question… Easy to Contact… anywhere. But, not sure how its possible, left out a few things the first time…is this a good thing? I can be reached virtually every waking minute. Updated to truly reflect every subscription and or communication service I have access to. 

TTW Mailbox: Wisconsin Library Webbie Award Winner Gerard Saylor

  Jeff Dawson, Director of the Lester Public Library writes: I wanted to share the ‘Best of the Best’ winner of the 2008 Wisconsin Library Webbie Awards: http://www.wla.lib.wi.us/mats/webbies/default.asp  Gerard Saylor has used YouTube in a very creative and I think hilarious way – his book reviews and author interviews are excellent! I called Gerard on the phone the second I found his YouTube collection (way before the Webbies) and he is a fine example of a young library director keeping things interesting, not only for his patrons, but perhaps even more important – for himself! Here is the link:http://www.youtube.com/user/LDFargoLibrary  I love the videos […]

The Transparent Library: Measure the Silence

You hold community nights for customers to talk to you and go out to where they are and try to hold conversations where it is most convenient for them. From all of this, you try to steer your library on the right course, paying heed to and responding to input. But what are you not hearing? As with any healthy relationship, personal or public, you need to hear what’s not being said. What about the silence? What are people not telling you and why? How do you measure the silence? First, recognize that there are two types of silence, actual […]

More on Twittering Libraries…a TTW Guest Post by Lindy Brown

Lindy shared her project for LIS5313 with me via email and I asked her to share her study with TTW readers. Thanks Lindy! Michael Recently, I read a post from Mashable.com about Twitter’s staggering growth in 2008: Twitter grew 752 percent in 2008 for a total of 4.43 million unique visitors in December! What does this mean for libraries? As Twittermania spreads, more and more of their patrons are will use it to communicate, socialize and make connections.  As such, libraries should see the unlimited potential Twitter can have to connect them to their community and beyond. Libraries must adjust […]

New Darien Library

LJ highlights some features of the new Darien Library: New  technology, new design RFID for self-check and materials handling is just a tip of the technology infused throughout the building. There are also 21 wireless access points, large LCD flat displays for community information, a ten-foot rear-projection screen for the community room, and a touch-screen tabletop Microsoft Surface computer for the children’s room on the main floor. A “Power Library” in the basement is filled with public access computers and includes a room dedicated to office needs. The teen room nestles right next to the Power Library, in a serious effort, according to Blyberg, to “couple teens […]