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With Warren after the Talk

With Warren after the Talk, originally uploaded by mstephens7. Just one more note about the CAVAL research project. I’ll be working with Townsville Libraries’ Warren Cheetham on this project. I was glad to meet him in Brisbane last year and now we actually get to work together! Our contact at CAVAL is Richard Sayers. We’ve emailed, Skyped and chatted on the phone but we have never met in person! This fall for sure. 🙂

Measuring the Value and Effect of Learning 2.0 Programs in Libraries

This is from the proposal. It frames what we’ll be investigating: “I believe that this has been one of the most transformational and viral activities to happen globally to libraries in decades.”   Stephen Abram., Stephen’s Lighthouse, February 5, 2008 The genesis of Learning 2.0 began with an article by library futurist Stephen Abram. “Helene Blowers of PLCMC took the article “Things You (or I) Might Want To Do This Year” by SirsiDynix’s Stephen Abram and distilled it down to 23 things that she wanted her staff to understand through hands-on experience,” Hastings noted in a 2007 Library Journal article. Blowers […]

Press Release: Stephens Named 2009 CAVAL Visiting Scholar

I’ve been sitting on this news for sometime as we got everything in order. I’m happy to announce this project and that this fall I’ll be in Asutralia for over a month working on this research. I will also be keynoting the Australian School Library Association conference and the Queensland Public Library Association conference. I really appreciate this opportunity and look forward to working with my colleagues Down Under again. – MS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: US LEARNING 2.0 RESEARCHER DR MICHAEL STEPHENS APPOINTED 2009 CAVAL VISITING SCHOLAR Melbourne, 30 March 2009 – Internationally recognised US Web 2.0 commentator, writer and […]

News from Mishawaka Library on Facebook Ban

I was working last week on various writing projects and updating presentations when it struck me I should check in and see if my hometown library Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library had relaxed the ban on Facebook and MySpace that I wrote about on TTW and that Michael and I covered in the our LJ column. I called the library and spoke with the public relations person. Through the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I had sent the column draft and links to all of the online discussions to the library adminstration last year just as an FYI. […]

Nancy Dowd: Guy Kawasaki on Twitter

Don’t miss Nancy Dowd’s reporting of Guy Kawasaki’s “Using Twitter for Marketing:” http://themwordblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-new-bff-guy-kawasaki_27.html 1. Forget the A List 2. Defocus- you never know who will carry the banner for you so be open to every possibility. 3. Get lots of followers. 3. Content 4. Monitor what people are saying about you. 5. Copy what people are doing/best practices

Adding Links to the Hyperlinked Library

Just some things of note: Library of Congress embraces YouTube, iTunes: “Our broad strategy is to ‘fish where the fish are,’ and to use the sites that give our content added value — in the case of iTunes, ubiquity, portability, etc.,” Raymond said in an e-mail. Pupils to Study Twitter and Blogs: Children to leave primary school familiar with blogging, podcasts, Wikipedia and Twitter as sources of information and forms of communication. They must gain “fluency” in handwriting and keyboard skills, and learn how to use a spellchecker alongside how to spell. When every student has a laptop, why run […]

Marketing Today’s Academic Library by Brian Mathews

http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=2596 I am eager to get my hands on a copy of Brian’s new book. I think it may be a perfect fit for use in LIS768. I was glad to see his reflective post about the process: (emphasis mine) I am very grateful that ALA didn’t pressure me to write a 2.0 or social technology book. It would have been a disaster. While those elements are included in the text, the scope is much wider. I worked (struggled) on and off for 2 years on this project. It is very personal. Writing a book is very draining. You feel […]