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Netflix Culture Presentation at Slideshare

Culture View more presentations from Reed Hastings. Via Stephen Bero, Director of the Warren-Newport Public Library District. He writes: FYI, if you haven’t seen yet. A friend of mine sent me this today, and once I started viewing it, I dropped everything else I was doing at the time to read it through in its entirety, even to replay sections in order to really digest the ideas. Naturally my mind is going at high speed now thinking how we can apply these ideas to the public library. These ideas remind me of principles I’ve internalized from reading Jim Collins and […]

A Code of Conduct for Staff & Supervisors

Kate Sheehan’s post on kindness has had some good comments, including this one by Tasha Saecker, Director of the Menasha Public Library: At our library, we did a code of conduct that every employee had to sign. It was about how we treat one another in the library. Our staff had gotten into the habit of being quite toxic with one another. Refusing to reply when greeted, ignoring staff who worked at lower levels in the hierarchy, making caustic remarks both to people’s face and behind their backs, etc. The code reminded everyone what was expected of them. Professionalism, kindness, respect and care. […]

Death by Risk Aversion – A TTW Guest Post by Stephen Walker

What makes what I’ll call an A librarian? Most librarians—most people in any profession—are what I take to be average, or C librarians. A small percentage, around 10, are B librarians or above average. Perhaps 10 percent of those number are A librarians, though maybe such an exalted condition as I will describe is mythical. What goes into making an A librarian? These are the characteristics, in my opinion. I’ll begin by outlining the hindrances that prevent a librarian from reaching his potential (I’ll use the masculine pronoun throughout). Through the years I’ve heard, in reference to tenure, that once […]