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Survey: NY State Educators & Librarians If you are a teacher, librarian or school administrator at a New York public, private or independent middle school or high school, WE WANT YOU!  We are conducting a survey of middle school and high school students’ online research habits and we’d love for you to participate. The online surveys are short, painless (we don’t ask sensitive questions), easy to understand and anonymous. They should take about 10 minutes to complete. Please note: Students will not be asked to provide their names, e-mail addresses or any other identifying information. Our analysis of survey data will be used to create […]

Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Thoughts from the Blogosphere (Updated)

I received my copy of Linchpin, the new book by Seth Godin a few weeks ago and have only got to read a bit. What I’ve read, however, is speaking to me the way all of his books do. Until I have finished the book and pondered some more, take a look at these posts, etc. I’ll be suggesteing this as yet another choice for context books in LIS768. Church of the Customer Blog: Q: What is a linchpin, and why is it important to become one? A linchpin is the part you can’t live without, the thing that […]

First Thoughts on the iPad from 2 Michaels and a Phil

I think a lot of us monitored the chatter or tuned into a faltering U-Stream yesterday to hear Apple’s announcement of the iPad. ( I think I was a bit more fond of iSlate or just “Slate” myself) But now the fact-finding, opinion sharing and general “what will it mean for consumers?” begins – as will all of the “what will it mean for libraries” conjecture. Phil Bradley, across the pond, weighed in this morning: I’m really keen on the idea of using it as an e-Book reader. It’s the first item that I’ve looked at which actually makes […]

Open Conversation: Twitter & Libraries

Note: This is the second column I co-wrote with Jan Klerk for Digitale Bibliotek last year. I realized it was one of the first times I’ve discussed the backchannel in my classes in print. Michael Stephens and Jan Klerk did their open conversation this time on microblog platform Twitter. The topic was of course… Twitter and Libraries. INTRODUCTION MS Jan- I’ve been thinking about librarians using Twitter as medium 4 collaboration & as info space. Have u seen this? JK I see a small but growing group Dutch librarians just over- came prejudices & are experimenting. How it’s in the […]

Thanks Education Institute! Trends & Tech for Libraries 2010

A big shout out to the libraries in Canada that participated in my Education Institute talk today. I can’t believe how much we covered in one hour. Exploring trends shaping users information experiences and environments always fires me up. The trends I highlighted today include: Ubiquitous Social Tools Personal Learning Networks in the Cloud Spaces with Heart Immersive Learning & Play The Changing Path of Content Location Aware Information Environments Transliteracy Integrated Devices & Tablet Mania Building a Community of Users Learning & Teaching in Flux The slides are available here:

Gearing up for New LIS Class Sites

Michael’s EDUCAUSE Learning Initiatives 2010 conference presentation where he discussed “The Hyperlinked Campus” leads nicely into a recent post I made detailing exactly how Michael and I put together his course sites from a technical standpoint. If you’re looking to break free from the constraints of your learning management systems (LMS), I highly suggest you look into using WordPress MU and BuddyPress for a custom LMS.  See all the details here: ——- Kyle Jones, TTW Contributor @thecorkboard

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders, originally uploaded by ALA – The American Library Association. ALA emerging leaders gather for a group photo at their 4th annual workshop. Around 100 attendees are being groomed to become early ALA leaders. I’m honored to be mentoring one of the groups!