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Dear Mr. President: Misinformation is the Real Distraction by Buffy Hamilton

In a little over a month, I—along with thousands of other librarians—will be in your backyard as we come to Washington D.C. for the 2010 American Library Association Annual Conference. I will be in town from Friday, June 25 through Tuesday, June 29 , and I am offering you my services to show you these kinds of tools and skills I have shared in this letter to help you better understand not only the possibilities for evaluating and managing information streams, but to also provide you a personal learning experience as to what librarians can do for the citizens of this […]

Survey: How Web 2.0 Should ALA Go?

For Immediate Release Thu, 05/13/2010 – 16:11 Contact: Louise M Gruenberg ITTS ALA is planning a web redevelopment in the next year.  To ensure that the changes to the website satisfy members’ needs, ALAstakeholders should tell us: Just how Web 2.0 should ALA go? When you visit the ALA website, does it meet your expectations? Would you prefer to be able to customize, personalize, share, comment, and rank? Team J of Emerging Leaders needs to know what you want out of your experience.  We have made it our mission to survey our members to determine how and to what extent members would like to interact on Please […]

Practicum Report: Skokie Public Library – a TTW Guest Post by Brett Kochendorfer

Over the past three months I have gained invaluable experience from my practicum at the Skokie Public Library. Interacting with patrons is one of my favorite facets of librarianship and the patrons at the Skokie Public Library are phenomenal. I was inspired with the overwhelming professionalism and excellence displayed by the staff. My practicum kicked off with the Second Annual Skokie Madden Bowl. I was impressed by patron turnout for the Madden Bowl and the measurable impact the librarians, Richard Kong & Toby Greenwalt, had on the teen community. During my internship I interacted with several patrons, including two […]

MediaBank for Libraries: A TTW Guest Post by Elizabeth Ludemann

As self-service and 24-hour access become new paradigms in information consumption, libraries are constantly looking for ways to extend their services to meet their patrons’ needs and desires. One very interesting new technology is the MediaBank. Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin recently opened its first branch, the Rakow Branch, on the west side of town. The new branch is home to a MediaBank unit–an external DVD and video game dispenser which operates automatically and is open 24 hours a day. According to the library’s website, the unit is one of the first of its kind in a North American […]

Welcome to Library School & Congrats New Grads

A brief post based on my notes for a short speech this week at Dominican GSLIS New Student Orientation and some reflection on the 55 students who graduated from our program last Saturday: Ranganathan said “the Library is a growing organism.” That evolution continues and you all are starting your graduate library school journey at a perfect time. I was recently in South Carolina, where I found myself in the hotel bar after a speech for the library school. The bartender was fired up about his brand new iPod Touch. He was running the bar’s music of of it via […]

Me and my letter…

Me and my letter…, originally uploaded by Russ and Lori. Lori Reed writes : “Included among these options is the identification of positions that may be eliminated. I regret that your position is among these.” If the 50% budget reduction goes through, Lori and others at Charlotte Mecklenburg will lose their jobs. I commented on the photo: “This breaks my heart.”

Independent Study Project: The Book Advisor – A TTW Guest Post by Maggie Ryan

In January of this year, I began an Independent Study under the guidance of Michael Stephens. On February 14, 2010, I posted that: “The purpose of this study is to create readers’ advisory tools that utilize Web 2.0 technology.” During the past four months I have spent time: reviewing literature that is relevant to the topic; studying public library websites to ascertain what RA services are currently available and to determine what types of RA 2.0 other public libraries are providing for their patrons; and surveying library patrons to learn what services they believe would benefit them. While working on […]

New Slide: Techno-hesitation

New Slide: Techno-hesitation, originally uploaded by mstephens7. From my VAPLD talk: If we keep saying “Let’s not adopt technology X because it will soon be out of date,” we’re missing the opportunity for ongoing learning and innovation in a more experimentally-based organization. If we wait for the next big thing continually, stagnation follows.