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Celebrate – Gail Borden Library

Denise Raleigh writes: On May 15, 2010, the Gail Borden Public Library was not a quiet place. In fact, at 2:15 p.m., it became very, very loud. Gail Borden Public Library District received the National Medal for Museum and Library Service due to what the community and the library staff accomplish together. On May 15, the library invited everyone for a celebration that included this surprise flash mob that uniquely combined dancers from the Dixon Dance Academy and the library bookcart drill team. Cathy Dixon choregraphed the dance and John Fleener of Elgin Academy lead the film crew and he and […]

More on Libraries in Finland: What is a Library

A few weeks ago, I linked to a post by Aaron Schmidt: and got this comment: Here is what might be considered a counterpoint by a colleague who was on the same trip (who is not a librarian, but who works with libraries). “What is a library?” The post is so good, I’ll shamelessly quote it: Visiting the libraries in Finland really makes you question your perception of what a library is, and I think I’m not alone among the participants in last week’s Global Libraries peer learning meeting in thinking about this issue. On Tuesday, we visited the […]

Notes from the Dorene Dwyer Hammes Media Commons & Café A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tour the new Media Commons at Indiana University South Bend. Under the guidance of Dean of Library Services Michele Russo – who I interviewed at TechSource in 2008 – the library has further enhanced their offerings. I was most impressed Production Studio – filled with state of the art video technology and the spiffiest green screen system I had ever seen. This is absolutely part of the role I see for the academic library going forward: a gathering place, a creation place, a sharing place. More about the commons: The […]

The Online Student Experience

A very striking example of what online education can be for some. I’m currently teaching a class this summer and am trying to do as much as I can to increase my visibility/presence. The good folks at SJSU University SLIS shared this video with me – I’m on their Technology Advisory Board. One thing I noticed last semester is that my classes really responded to video, so I’m aiming to do more and more with video. Here’s a silly class check in from last week while Cooper and I were hiking: One thing I heard from the SJSU folks […]

Music Like Water: A TTW Guest Post by Katy Hite

It is not hard to see that technology has been changing the way we access music.  In The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution, David Kusek and Gerd Leonard propose a world where music is delivered wirelessly, based on music preferences, for a fee (similar to paying for electricity, gas, or cable television).  With the growing popularity of the iPod, the prevalence of WiFi, and peer to peer MP3 file sharing of music, access to digital and internet technologies is necessary to stay current with popular music culture.  For those communities and individuals with limited to no access […]