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Thanks Region 10, Richardson, Texas!

I had a great time at Friday’s workshop with school librarians, technologists and staff from Region 10 in Richardson, TX. I presented a full morning version of “the Hyperlinked School Library.” The slides are here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/239835/HyperlinkedSchoolLibraryTX.pdf I appreciate all of the discussion and sharing!

Internet Librarian International Interview

I was recently interviewed for an email blast for ILI2010. Hope to see you in London in October! Here’s the text: Internet Librarian International continues to provide pertinent resources and support for today’s information environments. With the shifting emphasis on information provision; constantly-evolving methods for delivering it; increased demands from users; and tighter than ever budgets, we asked Advisory Board member, Michael Stephens, for his views on the future for library technologies and more … Read the full Internet Librarian International programme here. I would have to say the advent of participatory technologies has been the single most important technology […]

Brian and Michael

Brian and Michael, originally uploaded by pelicanwind. I was in Texas last Thursday and Friday. One highlight was driving up to Denton to meet up with my PhD advisor, mentor and friend Dr. Brian O’Connor. We had a nice chat about teaching, LIS education and technology while enjoying a stroll around Denton’s courthouse. It was 8 billion degrees though! 🙂